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Joke Description
Votes Rating
Bachelor Cat
Check out this mad cat! Hilarious
36 7.69
Wet Puss
Check out this mad cat!
48 7.50
Somedays are just like this!!! Funny photo!
29 7.25
American Way
One day the Americans and Russians sat down and decided to settle the whole dispute with one dog fight..
70 7.20
Thirsty Squirrel
Check out this picture of one thirsty squirrel
39 7.19
Watch Out
This polar bear didn't see the sign!
24 7.15
Leap of Sheep
Check out the Leap of Sheep!
33 7.12
Good Home
Looking for a good home!
19 6.85
Let me Explain
Honey, I can explain everything!
22 6.83
Falling Asleep
Humans aren't the only ones!!!
18 6.77
The Flies
Where do all the flies flock to?
214 6.75
These animals team up! Funny photo
13 6.69
Tub Cat
Another funny picture of a really fat cat
22 6.68
Stoned Cat
Picture of a stoned cat!! You will laugh!
36 6.60
Dog Humor
The garbage collector is NOT stealing our stuff...
2547 6.59
Dog Definitions
A Dog's definition for many things...
760 6.56
Dirty Rabbit
the neighbors rabbit dies...
1843 6.56
Special Horse...
Could I borrow your horse and give it back when I reach the town...
1164 6.54
Morning Breath
Bad, bad morning breath!
28 6.54
Cat's Wassup
37 6.38
At the very last minute, she realized that she didn't have any snails for the dinner party...
587 6.38
Just once...
Picture of an ape telling about what he does just once... hilarious
44 6.38
Talk like a Frog
please talk like a frog..
838 6.26
The Panda
A panda walks into a restaurant..
651 6.24
Dog Style
What kind of style is this?
23 6.22
Horse Chapstick
he cowboy then moved slowly to the back of the horse...
880 6.18
Horse and Buggy
An Amish lady is trotting down the road in her horse and buggy...
687 6.16
Cat Nap
Check out this picture of two cats!
15 6.14
Deer Hunt
The city fellow asked his friend the country boy to take him deer hunting, as he had never been hunting before...
720 6.14
Headless Horseman
Here is the headless horseman!
22 6.14
How Did You Get There
How did you get up there?
14 6.14
Hard Rain
The first worm says, "What kind of day is it?"...
414 5.97
Men and Their Dogs
A man's best friend! Funny photo
15 5.87
Dogs Love
Awwww how cute!
13 5.85
Failed Dog Breeds
Dog Breeds that didn't quite make it
252 5.84
Life Stinks
Photo of a small dog that is stuck with their owner
22 5.82
Huge Rabbit
Look at how big this thing is!
19 5.79
Bad Dog?
Bad dog? Or good? You decide!
19 5.74
Whose Dog?
what kind of dog do you have...?
569 5.71
Cats and Women
They leave hair everywhere....
656 5.65
Wrinkle Free
This dog wants to be wrinkle free, lol!
19 5.58
Rabbit vs Wolf
Rabbit vs Wolf, who will win?
19 5.58
a boy brings a chicken to the movie house..
464 5.48
Watch out for this pestering snake!
21 5.43
Talking Parrot
A person wanted a parrot who talked. Going to the pet store, this lover of talking parrots asked if there was a bird who was already speaking.
506 5.36
Bad Idea
I shouldn't have eaten that, funny photo!
18 5.17
Dog Breeding
For all you dog lovers out there, here are some of the lessor known breeds...
307 5.03
Bird and a Police Officer
Traffic was heavy as usual, and as I sat there at a red light, out of nowhere a bird slammed into my windshield..
404 4.70
Cat Ball
With the pitch of the cat?? Funny!
76 4.61
Marijuana Monkey
Did the zoo overlook something?
24 4.54
Database last updated: 20-Oct-2011

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